Gulmohar Celebration Box Large

Ready to Ship Transparent Gift Box with Pure Brass Masaladan/Spice Container and Nut Boxes imbeded with paper Flowers. Best for Wedding Invitations and Give Aways.

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A stunning selection of gifting ideas to choose from – gift boxes and hampers that suit every relationship and budget. Starting with exquisite packaging to high quality products, your gifts will surely delight.

Gifting is easy with Courtyard pre packed gift boxes. Thoughtful, classic and made with perfection, the gift hampers are made with an in-depth understanding of the gifting requirements at various cultural and festive events. Pick for friends, family or official group, there are various options for everyone at stunning prices.

COURTYARD welcomes the season of festivities, of devotion and of gratitude with a walk down the deep lanes of Madurai, steeped in the sound of temple bells and lit by sparkling lamps.

A time to value our traditions, our culture, going back to our festive customs, the age-old family recipes. Bringing out those pure metal table wares and traditional clothes and the family heirlooms. The aroma of pure ghee and spices and delectable desserts. Tinkling laughter mixed with the jingle of bangles. A dash of gold, and deep silks. A time of festivities, joy and luxury.

A time to purify and decorate. Our houses and our minds. Time to let go and bring in the new. Lamps and lights that drive away darkness and prayers that rekindle our hopes, making us look forward to the future. It is the time of the year that we devote to our family and friends, thankful for their presence in our lives and the comfort they provide us.

Time to make them feel loved and wanted. Whether near or far, we show our appreciation through tokens of love – handwritten messages, baskets of goodies, a little box of love and care, a boxful of joy and celebration. A gift that spreads happiness. A gift that binds, gives comfort. A gift that melts away the distance and time between you.

Set Content: 2 Nut Case , 1 Samagridan

Colour: GOLD

Material: BRASS

Capacity: Large -200 GmsSmall -100 Gms Per Jar

Packaging Dimensions (Inch): 9.25 x 8.25 x 2.75

Packaging Weight: 510

Delivery/Shipping Time Line: 7 TO 10 Days

Fragile: Yes

Shipping Mode: Surface

Product Dimensions: Nut Case-L-3.75Xw-3.75Xh-1.75, Samagridan-Dai-5Xh-1.25

Product weight: NUT CASE-100, SAMAGRIDAN-310

Email: [email protected]

Contact No.: +91-9540134446

This product is handmade and each piece is unique! Due to the differences in displays of computers/laptops/phones, the colours on your screen may vary marginally from the actual colours of the product. The product is handcrafted and you will be able to see the human intervention of processing, which makes the products even more unique. There will be varations and undulations in finishings and workmanship. 

Rinse this brass product with warm water, mild soap and wipe clean with a soft sponge. Dry it off with a cloth or paper towel. Make sure that it is completely dry before storing. Regular maintaince required. 

Do NOT use in microwave and dishwasher. Only Hand Wash.

The product will be hot when in use and after. Be careful as it will contain hot spill-able contents. DO NOT use ingredients with acidic content as it reacts with brass. Do not store food/ drinks for more than 3 hours. 

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